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How to Acquire a Rock-Solid Passive Income Source

Through a Hands-Off Automated Amazon eCommerce Store (not traditional Dropshipping)

Run by an Expert Team with over 200 Stores in its Portfolio

Automated eCommerce is one of the world’s fastest-growing asset classes, and generates great returns month over month, year over year for thousands of store owners

100+ 5-star reviews

How Does eCommerce Automation Work?

Our Team helps you setup your Amazon eCommerce store

An online marketplace dedicated to selling Amazon-approved products. 

Using Artificial Intelligence, our platform finds hot products that will sell a strong volume and command great margin

The Team Runs everything from A-to-Z

 Listing products, selling them, fulfilling orders and dealing with customer support. 

The team is compensated based on how well your store performs financially to ensure incentives are aligned

Biweekly Performance Reports

We then process and fulfill orders, and handle all customer service needs.

You get biweekly reporting on revenue and profits to see how your store is performing and real time insights on profitability

With over 150+ Stores and 200+ VA’s, DSA team is on a mission to add some extra commas to your income!

$71,260 SALES IN 1 DAY?!

100K Club? No Brainer..

New Stores...

CASE STUDY: GAB Online store $90K in pure profits in 60 days!

CASE STUDY: Phoenix Enterprise - $200K sales with 22% Net Profit in 22 days..


The Power of eCommerce Automation


Our team builds a customized and fully-automated eCommerce store that run by us, but built for you - on Amazon, Meta Marketplace, Ebay, Walmart or Youtube


Once launched, you'll get access to real-time data to see what products are moving and how daily performance is


Personalized one-on-one support so you can always speak to someone when you need it

Common Questions and Important Details to Note

How Long Does It Take To Start Making Monthly Revenue?

There is no “set in stone” answer for each partner, as every investment and every account can be different. There are many variables like account health, reviews, market trends, profit margins, and other factors. Typically, we see stores making first $1000 in sales in very first week of being live. If credit limit is good, stores can make $1,000 to $10,000 per day in sales in very first month.

What Should My ROI Look Like?

Our primary goal when it comes to revenue is to return your baseline investment back within the first six months of scaling your store. After that it is purely in your pocket! We see an average of 20-25% in net profits every month.

How Soon Can We Get My Store Running?

Once you complete all your intake forms and onboarding procedures, we start to work on your store ASAP! And, once your Amazon Marketplace store has been approved, we start adding the top-selling products to your store to start selling units and begin to scale. It typically takes 4-5 days to see your first sale.

How is your service different than other service providers?

At DSA, we are committed to provide services the right way. Which means fulfilling orders from approved wholesale suppliers rather than fulfilling orders from online retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club. We have partnered up with USA’s top wholesale distributors to fulfill our customer’s order which fulfills Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Our Recipe For Your Success

Adaptability to Market Changes and Consumer Trends

We Help Our Partners Grow a Successful eCommerce Empire

We help investors make the leap towards passive income by building and managing successful eCommerce Stores, using our tested proven metrics and strategies. No previous experience needed, no heavy lifting required – completely hands free.

Is the Ecommerce Market Saturated?

“According to PYMNTS data, Amazon took in 51.2% of total U.S. digital retail sales in 2021, up from 48% in 2019 — but most pointedly, roughly 10 times the online share held by its rival”

How Does DSA Make You Passive Income?

At this point, you may ask yourself,
“How in the world does this actually work?”

To put it plainly, DSA’s hand-selected team takes away the labor of sourcing the products, doing the research, refining the customer relations, and all of the legwork that comes with creating a successful eCommerce business. Our partners can better focus on the important aspects of running a business and creating brand awareness, while we take care of the rest.

DSA positions you to take advantage of the massive, global, growth in online shopping 

Imagine buying a Gas Station Franchise. You own it, but you won’t have to worry about any of the manual labor, like stocking products, planning shipping and logistics, fulfilling orders, customer service, team training, negotiating with suppliers, and financial reporting.. The list goes on.

Instead, you leverage a team that uses a proven model to run the store for you, and only gets paid based on your store’s performance. All costs of running your AMZ storefront come out of the revenue made in your monthly sales, leaving you with the leftover profit to go in your pocket. 

How Much of eCommerce Can Be Automated?

The purpose of Automating your eComm Store is to give investors a hands-off experience and manage the business from the position of a business owner, not someone who is self-employed running their own business.

Of course, there are some things that can’t be automated – tasks like customer service, managing relationships with the platform and its customers, product strategy, and so on will still require human representatives.. 

Fortunately, DSA’s trusted team of experienced Customer Service Agents, account health specialists, fulfillment teams, Outsourcing warehouses, product marketers, and strategists handle all of the non-automated tasks for you.

That being said, our tech automation and predictive analytics allow us to scale stores without scaling the amount of time required from you. By observing data and monitoring seller trends, this allows us to innovate your store with better products, better automations, and ultimately – more sales. 

Ultimately, once you complete your onboarding paperwork, the rest is fully-automated smooth sailing.

Ready to get started?

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